Delegation as a Tool for Leadership Development


  • Divine Matey General Manager, Administration, Accra City Hotel, Accra, Ghana



leadership, development, delegation, tools


The concept of leadership development is a very broad one. But today all that we can see or perceive, leadership is primarily the ability to use power or informal influence to manipulate other people for the specific cause or purpose, which is the state or quality of being a good leader. Leaders are made, not born. Now there are very few aims of leading but the common embodiment is achievement. People choose to follow the lead of those who they believe can further their common interest. This is where leaders can be found. The essay focuses on how a leader can be formed through habits of delegating things to his subordinates. The ability of the leader to let his subordinates do certain tasks that he normally does all by himself comes across all kinds of levels. As it states, good delegation occurs when a leader allocates decision-making authority and responsibility to his/her subordinates to run the task or action with the expectation to support their level of authority and take up the responsibility, using the standard of their task and work result for future appraisal at a higher grade level. This article is related to all sorts of lines of work to prove that the more tasks being delegated, the leader will not be on the same level of doing tasks since it will free up more time for the leader to do tasks of higher importance.


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