Sustainable Employee Discipline in the Contemporary Work Model


  • Divine Matey General Manager, Department of Administration, Accra City Hotel, Accra, Ghana


sustainable, employee, discipline, contemporary


Discipline is a very critical area in an organization. It is one of the tough aspects of the human resource practice if not the toughest. Humans as we are, we are able to detect if procedures or regulations are not complied with, however the challenge arises when the appropriate sanction should be executed. Tough as it is, work has to continue, as a result, the appropriate sanctions will have to be applied. Majority of the literature available speak to rewards and incentive schemes. Disciplinary action is a grey area which needs to be explored to guide the human resource practice. This research seeks to identify the appropriate disciplinary measures to adopt in the work place, the extent of disciplinary action to take against employees who flout corporate regulations and the best mode of fact finding when organizational procedures are disregarded. The research process will review existing literature on disciplinary measures, identify the inherent gaps and prescribe the best applicable modes of discipline which can stand the test of time and evolve to be sustainable and an appropriate medium of reference. Research findings will be analyzed thematically to enable a prudent conclusion to be arrived at. This document will serve as a relevant document and source of wealth to guide the human resource practice to improve and further develop staff management engagement effectively. This will not be an exhaustive document, it will open room for further research to further broaden the scope of disciplinary measures and policies in the modern workplace.


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