To What Extent Can Service Delivery and Pricing Result in Customer Retention – A Case Study of Accra City Hotel


  • Divine Matey General Manager, Department of Administration, Accra City Hotel, Accra, Ghana


service delivery, pricing, customer retention


Customer retention is very key for players in the hospitality industry. Repeat business is partly influenced by reviews given about the property. These reviews are shared on online travel agencies which serve to guide potential clients on which facility to patronize. The researcher will also want to identify which of the variables has a greater influence on customer choices. Aside pricing concerns raised by clients in the industry. Businessmen, tourists and holiday makers also demand value for money spent on these facilities. This hinges directly to service delivery, both on the premises and outside the premises. Guests pay attention to the reservation process and the duration of check in and check out. The quality of the amenities provided at hospitality facilities can also affect customer preferences and decisions. The regulatory agencies in the hospitality industry normally provide star rating to the properties as to the adherence to the star rating. The regulatory bodies conduct inspections on the properties on annual basis before the star rating is renewed. No facility has a permanent star rating. A property can be upgraded or downgraded based on the outcome of the inspection. Star rating is normally assigned to hotels. However, there are other recognized rating agencies that provide rating and awards for restaurants. The researcher is of the view it will be interesting to know the dynamics which guarantee business retention in the hospitality industry. Business thrives on repeat business and the extent of feedback users of the facility provide to the general public. Clients who use hospitality facilities want to enjoy their stay when they are on your property. In their minds, the current property being used will be compared and contrasted with other similar facilities. Humans are always in completion with their choices and preferences. Dynamic as businesses are, businesses also want to position their acts strategically to remain viable into the foreseeable future. Pricing and service delivery affect customer choices to a larger extent. The research will seek to establish this position and verify the extent of correlation between pricing and choice and service delivery and choice. There are several variables which can determine the choice of a particular supplier by the customer. In the perspective of the firm, the firm seeks to identify the appropriate positioning to woo the client to its products or services.


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