Ghana Rediscovered – A Tourism Narrative


  • Divine Matey General Manager, Department of Administration, Accra City Hotel, Accra, Ghana


Ghana, culture, linguistic diversity, cuisine, tourism, ecotourism


This article provides an overview of Ghana, a nation situated in West Africa with a unique blend of rich cultural heritage, linguistic diversity, and abundant natural resources. The text explores Ghana’s historical significance as the first black African republic to gain independence from colonial rule and its enduring legacy as a custodian of cultural heritage. It delves into the linguistic diversity of over 80 languages spoken in Ghana, highlighting the importance of English and indigenous languages. The hierarchical societal structure and customs, such as matrilineal clan membership and traditional greetings, are also discussed. Additionally, the article touches on Ghanaian cuisine, emphasizing the role of soups and their accompaniments. Finally, it presents a comprehensive list of popular tourism sites, categorized into ecotourism, adventure, nature, and heritage, underscoring Ghana’s potential for economic growth through tourism with the need for continued investment and sustainable practices.


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