Legal Definition of Consumer in European Union and Arab Consumer Protection Laws


  • Fatima Al Samarae Lawyer, Department of Private Law, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Mahmoud Ismail Associate Professor, Department of Private Law, Applied Science Private University, Amman, Jordan


consumer notion, civil law, European union law, commercial law, consumer protection laws


This study aims to answer the question: Who is a consumer? The main issue here is not to find out who the economical or social, consumer is, but to find out who could be considered as a consumer from a legal perspective. And then, being capable to determine the individual space of the consumer acquis. The notion of consumer is a key concept restricting the implementation of consumer protection regulations. However, not only is there no consistent and solid definition in European Union policies and Arab laws, there are also differences amongst the doctrines. We choose these two entities (European Union policies and Arab laws) to get two different points over the Mediterranean region markets. The context behind the notion of consumer comes out from economics before being related to the legal issues. However, it has developed an independent meaning in the legal sphere, having become the factor activating the application of a separate set of rules, known jointly as consumer protection law. In some laws, the notion of consumer is important not only in the civil and commercial law but also in private international law and in civil procedure law. Furthermore, owing to the least harmonisation character of the substance of the consumer procedural, many doctrines extend the individual space of their consumer protection law beyond the notion of consumer in protection laws.


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