Effectiveness of Principal's Administrative Decision on Teachers' Teaching Job Performance in Secondary Schools of Sulu


  • Misba H. Sampang Assistant Professor IV, MSU-Sulu Laboratory High School, Mindanao State University-Sulu, Sulu, Philippines


Effectiveness, Principal’s administrative decision, Teachers’ teaching job performance


This article aimed to determine the effectiveness of principal’s administrative decision on teachers’ teaching job performance in secondary schools of Sulu. The effect of the principal’s administrative decision not only argued to improve the teachers’ teaching job performance but also directly or indirectly influence the secondary schools’ students’ academic performance which eventually improve the quality of education. As a result, this article concluded that at a moment, one can pose to ponder over the role of the secondary school principal as indicative to the development of the teachers’ teaching job performance. The effect of the functions of the secondary school principal in making decision cannot be overemphasized since this directly involved with the leading influence towards the accomplishment of the schools’ mission, vision, and goals. Nevertheless, the importance of the secondary school principal in decision making greatly effective maneuvering the whole school activities towards development of teachers’ teaching job performance and the upliftment of the students’ academic performance which all educational institutions are for. Principal’s decision making may have directly involved in making the whole school environment reach the goal of attaining the quality of education in the province of Sulu.


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