The Relationship of Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction of School Teachers


  • J. Dheeba Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, Priyadarshini Engineering College, Vaniyambadi, India
  • D. Tamizharas Professor and Research Dean, Department of MBA, RNS Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, India


Emotional Intelligence, Job satisfaction, Teachers


The purpose of the present research was to study the relationship between emotional intelligence and Job satisfaction of school teachers in Tamil Nadu. Teachers play a crucial role in preparing children to navigate their lives as adults. Through their teaching, they are not only transferring knowledge but also the emotions of their students. The teachers especially in rural private schools are overworked and underpaid. Hence there is a need to understand their emotional intelligence level and Job satisfaction. The present study seeks to analyze whether higher levels of emotional intelligence give a higher level of job satisfaction for teachers. The sample of the study was 186 rural private school teachers in Tamil Nadu.


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