A Study on Employment Welfare and Benefits in AON Consulting Private Limited


  • B. Devi M.Com. Student, Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore, India


Aon private limited, Employee welfare, Facilities


Employee and own family welfare is an effective shape of advertising as well as a way of acquiring worker gratitude and loyalty. Employee welfare is an extensive word that encompasses the company's different offerings, perks, and centers. Employees are provided with welfare services by the enterprise to be able to hold their motivation tiers up. The important aim of the study is to discover how glad employees are with welfare offerings and to make suggestions for a way to enhance welfare within the business enterprise. A random sample of seventy-five employees from numerous departments aided the researcher. The data become gathered the use of a dependent questionnaire. To summarize, in comparison to different factors inside the employer, worker properly being measurements are essential. Employee pleasure with welfare metrics boosts worker self-interest and motivation at work.


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