Design Study of an Adjustable Multinut Tighter or Remover for Car Tyre


  • A. Shreyas P. E. S. Institute of Technology, Bangalore South Campus Electronic City, Bangalore, India


Car tyre, Multinut tighter


The traditional way to change a car’s tire is to loosen the lug nuts one by one with the help of wheel spanner. However, it is exhausting and time consuming in car service centers and workshops. Hence, in this project to we are incorporating sun and planetary gear mechanism to remove all 4 lug nuts of the care wheel simultaneously with the help of primary power source. An adjustable Multi-nut remover or tighter for car tire is designed to change a car’s wheel by driving a planetary gear mechanism with a single motor in which all 4 lug nuts can be simultaneously be loosened or tightened, the pitch circle diameter for different model and variants of car is adjusted by Four Jaw Self centering chuck mechanism. The machine can be used for tightening or loosening of lug nuts of 3 different models of car by using a keypad remote. The machine is expected to be 40% more efficient than the traditional method of loosening or tightening of the lug nuts.


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