Intelligent Car Detection and License Plate Recognition System


  • Abhishek Shah Student, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Sipna College of Engineering and Technology, Amravati, India


Car detection, Image processing, License plate recognition, Localization, Segmentation


Intelligent car detection and number plate recognition is a well-known manifesto in today’s world because of the fleeting growth of cars, bikes, and other vehicles. This system uses image processing techniques for the identification of the vehicles and then their license plate. This set-up can be fully automated and can identify vehicles without authorization, vehicles that violate rules in highly populated areas like malls, universities, hospitals, and other car parking lots by extracting the owner’s name, address, and other information via the database stored in the system. We can also use this when we need to find the car-usage in terrorist activities, smuggling, invalid number plates, and other illegal activities. It can also be installed at the tollbooth to automatize highway electronic toll collection. Such systems are already available, but efficiency is not achieved thoroughly. This developed system proposes to take a step further, which is automatic car detection along with the acquisition of owner details along with the vehicle registration number.


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