Woman On Board-Promoting Gender Diversity in Corporate Governance: A Global Perspective


  • T. V. Hridhya LLM Student, School of Law, Christ (Deemed to be) University, Bangalore, Karnataka, India




corporate governance, diversity of gender, women in leadership, inclusion, equality, empowerment, global perspective, business performance, regulatory frameworks


The topic of gender diversity in corporate governance has gained a lot of attention lately as a result of a global drive towards more equitable and inclusive business practices. This study examines the several facets of increasing the representation of women on corporate boards and in leadership roles. It draws attention to how important it is to have gender parity in decision-making to achieve sustainable corporate growth and foster a more just and developed society. To explore the possibilities and challenges associated with integrating gender diversity into corporate governance systems across various sectors and countries, this study undertakes a comprehensive analysis of the literature. It highlights the benefits of gender-inclusive leadership, including as improved financial results, enhanced innovation, and a heightened understanding of diverse customer markets. Given the dearth of women in senior decision-making roles, there has been much discussion about the necessity of inclusive and equitable practices in corporate boardrooms. The effectiveness of existing legislative frameworks, best practices, and voluntary initiatives to advance gender parity in corporate boardrooms worldwide is evaluated in this study. It examines probable barriers and discrimination that prevent women from advancing to senior executive positions, shedding light on the institutional, societal, and cultural components that uphold gender inequality in the workplace. This study highlights the necessity of concerted efforts at the national and international levels to implement long-term regulations that facilitate women's participation in corporate governance decision-making. A paradigm shift in corporate culture is required to establish an inclusive workplace that prioritizes empowerment and equal opportunity for individuals of all genders. This will support the development of an international corporate environment that is more resilient, creative, and socially conscious.


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T. V. Hridhya, “Woman On Board-Promoting Gender Diversity in Corporate Governance: A Global Perspective”, IJRESM, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 118–122, Apr. 2024, doi: 10.5281/zenodo.10927695.