e-WOM Bubble as the Key Moment of Digital Activation


  • Dianta Hasri Natalius Barus Program Vokasi, Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Bandung, Indonesia




e-WOM, google trend, digital marketing


The World Wide Web has changed the way individuals purchase and consider their purchases. This, of surely, drives marketers to become more aggressive and imaginative in their messaging, especially when it comes to aspects of how they intend they utilize trends to offer efficient resource in selecting the general theme and concept for the communication that is going to be carried out. This article is going to look at how trends in society can be leveraged to create an effective communication strategy for a brand. The study has been carried out by collecting information on five popular issues in Indonesia, using Google Trends to acquire data, followed by evaluating and normalizing all the information received. A viral issue on social media appears rapidly, but it also evaporates rapidly from user interactions. It takes around three weeks to reach the apex of a topic. This provides an opportunity for marketers to capitalize on the optimal week to meet communication goals, as the issue will begin to fall after the specified period and will never rebound to its maximum. Despite a short lifespan, a marketing project must be straightforward for the audience that is being reached to comprehend as well as offer its own distinctness to pique its clients' interest. Because no subject becomes popular for a full calendar year, this spurs creativity, resulting in the creation of a fresh and topical marketing content on every quarter to remain in the minds of customers.


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