Fossilized Writing Errors: A Documentary Analysis


  • Shane A. Labag Teacher III, Gulod National High School, City of Cabuyao, Philippines


Fossilized writing errors, Writing outputs


This study elucidated the Fossilized Writing Errors in English of the Grade 10 learners and aimed to investigate the fossilized writing errors that are still common to the learners in their writing outputs. It followed a qualitative research design and used the method of documentary analysis in which the researcher interpreted the documents to give voice and meaning about the topic by means of analyzing documents integrated coding material into patterns. The collected documents served as the main data entry to come up with the result of the study. To sum it up, this thesis unveiled that there are still errors in Lexical- Verb (Omission/Misuse of Verb form), Noun (Omission/Misuse of Noun), Pronoun (Omission/Misuse of Pronoun), Conjunction (Omission/Misuse of Conjunction), Prepositions (Omission/ Misuse of Prepositions), Syntactic- Articles (Misuse of Articles), Subject-Verb Agreement (Tenses), Word Choice/Diction Errors, Spelling Errors, and Morphological- Parallelism, Verb-Modals (Misuse of Modals), Redundancy, Capitalization (Uppercase, Lowercase, Sentence case), Punctuation Marks (Misuse of Punctuation Marks). Therefore, the researcher calls for the teachers to note such errors because that is their primary concern and will serve as a key intervention to initiate the feedback and to eradicate incorrect language that may already be fossilized or on its way to becoming so.


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