Administrative Leadership of High School Principal: New Normal Education, Stress and Anxiety


  • Laling Jupakkal Assistant Professor IV, Laboratory High School, MSU-Sulu, Patikul, Sulu, Philippines


Administrative leadership, New normal education, Stress, Anxiety


The aim of this article is to search for the administrative leadership of high school principal in the new normal education. It further identifies the effect of the learning modalities on the stress and anxiety of the teachers and the administrator. The research used descriptive comparative research through observation and informal conversation. The study concluded that the administrative leadership of the high school principal in the new normal education contributed to the academic performance of the students and teaching performance of the teachers. However, the burden of works of the principal monitoring the different learning modalities in the new normal education causes the principal to stress, depression and anxiety. Stress developed from the excessive work load. Depression, although not so severe merely a feeling of dizziness and anxiety developed from a fear of unattainment of school objectives. The school principal then needs a relaxation hour to overcome such feelings. Enough sleeping habits might be recommended to play safe in their unpleasant health condition. Moreover, the practice of praying five times a day has great contribution to delineate the feeling of stress, anxiety and depression. The good practice of prayer has much influence of one’s negative feelings towards success, because prayer stabilize the condition of one’s mind and body through complete submission to will of the Almighty Lord, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate and the Rescuer of devotees.


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