Principal's Supervisory Roles: Impact on Teacher's Teaching Effectiveness and Students' Academic Performance in Secondary Schools of Sulu


  • Mariam M. Salve Assistant Professor IV, MSU-Sulu Laboratory High School, Mindanao State University-Sulu, Sulu, Philippines


Principal’s supervisory roles, Teachers’ teaching effectiveness, Students’ academic performance


This study aimed to determine the supervisory roles of the principal and its impact on the teachers’ teaching effectiveness and students’ academic performance in secondary schools of Sulu. It concludes that the effects of the new normal of education to students and teachers marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. The principal has to reach a double time exhibition of their roles as the manager, leader and actor of many activities of the school programs to meet the goal of improving the quality of education. Performing the roles of the principal is essential factors to improving the whole system of teaching and learning activities. Giving instructional supervision, mentoring, attendance awareness, and other roles of the principal must be tightly observed to enhance teachers teaching effectiveness in one hand and the improvement of the academic performance of the students on the other hand. Otherwise, deterioration of the quality of education cannot be stopped from climbing above to the end that the youths may be deprived of their rights to education. However, when the principal actively performs the roles with high expectations and great aspirations. The teachers teaching effectiveness and the students’ academic performance in the new normal education may be great again. This study recommends that the principal may hasten to perform the task and effectively carry out the roles to the best to improve the teachers’ teaching effectiveness which consequently improve the quality of the students’ performance hence improving the quality of education.


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