E-Banking: Innovation Challenges and Opportunities


  • Bhagyashree Sahoo Manager, Loan Advisory, Broker Network, Mumbai, India
  • Minal Kotiya Assistant Manager, Department of Credit Administration, YES Bank, Mumbai, India


Banking, E-banking, ATM, Technology, ETF, Online


According to (Ketkar, 1993), E-banking development and growth in India is still in its infancy. In the last ten years, the face of banking has altered due to competition, developments in technology, and changes in lifestyle. The recent developments have imposed strict competitiveness and compliance criteria on banks. The problem here is with the E-Banking system. E Banking is projected to offer plenty of benefits as well as unprecedented hazards to India's banking fundamentals. The notion of E Banking's Scope is still expanding, but various steps implemented by the Indian government and the country's central bank, the Reserve Bank of India, have aided the growth of E-Banking in India. The purpose of this article is to outline India's E-Banking difficulties and potential.

  • To understand the necessity and advantages of E-banking in the Indian economy.
  • To research India's present financial developments in e-banking.
  • To evaluate the multiple problems that the Indian E-banking business is now facing.
  • To learn about the E-banking opportunities available in India.


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