Impact of HR Practices on Performance of the Employees


  • Ishita Maheshwari Student, Department of HR, Universal Business School, Mumbai, India


Impact, Employee performance


Companies can improve their market performance via acquiring competitive advantage by applying proficient HR practices. The impactful HR practices contributes towards the success of the organization. The primary objective here is to evaluate the impact of HR (human resources) practices (selective recruitment, trainings, work life balance, compensation, job security and open communication) on the performance of the Indian employees. This research is evaluating the impact of top five HR practices components on the performance of employees considering the sample size of 100 Delhi based employees working in different sectors. The primary data accumulation to be done through self-administered questionnaire and analysis will be based on SPSS software. The results depict that training, compensation and work-life balance significantly contribute to the improvement in the employee performance in Indian firms, whereas other two components impact moderately. Positive perception of Indian employees towards the HR practices delivers positive results, favorable for the organization. Therefore, efficient management of HR can certainly improve the performance of Indian employees.


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I. Maheshwari, “Impact of HR Practices on Performance of the Employees”, IJRESM, vol. 5, no. 5, pp. 78–80, May 2022.