A Study On Increase in E-Recruitment and Selection Process


  • Celine D'Silva Student, Department of MBA, VIT Business School, VIT University, Chennai, India


E-recruitment, Online interview, Organization, Selection


The internet has changed the ways organizations do business and recruit new members. This paper concentrates on how there is a drastic increase in the online recruitment process with the emergence of technology. Here efforts are made to understand if users prefer online recruitment or face to face selection. Effective E-recruiting and selection process increases organizations competitive advantage through lower costs and increased efficiency and offers more benefits for both job seekers and recruiters. The businesses set up as a regular recruitment strategies and techniques that would be the most useful to accomplish hierarchical objectives and goals. The main purpose of this research paper is to understand the increase in recruitment and selection procedures online. We found that most of them select E- recruitment more than regular recruitment process and prove to be more successful in finding the right candidate for the right position.


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