Case Study on Customer Support Key Metrics for Logistics Service Industry


  • Sourav Dhal Senior Associate Consultant, Supply Chain, ITC Infotech, Bangalore, India


Abandoned calls, Customer satisfaction, Logistics service provider, On call resolution, Repeat tickets, TAT, Tier-1 support


Large commercial vehicle aggregators or transport service providers in the logistics space, are expected to be riddled with challenges spanning operational field issues to resource allocation. Indian commercial transportation industry, estimated to be $2 Billion by 2030, has seen a flurry of startups in this space changing the rules of the game. Majority of these companies operate on an online platform base. Hence, they have a strong backend product development team. Commercial transportation is witnessing a seismic shift, change in ownership models, CAPEX to OPEX, emergence of big fleets, driver’s outlook to comfort, safety, infotainment facilities to support liveability on the truck, involvement of vehicle aggregators linked through technologies, availability of driver’s skill levels to handle technologies, need for connected truck concept and mobility management, including driver monitoring support for service providers and recipients.


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