Possible Toxicological Effect of Pesticides, Cypermethrin on Earthworm (Esiania fetida)


  • Purvi Patel Student, Department of Life Science, M. N. College, Visnagar, India
  • Rakesh Prajapati Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, M. N. College, Visnagar, India




Bioassay test, Cypermethrin, Eisenia fetida, Non-target animal


Pollution is the preface of infect into an environment, may also defined as an unwanted modify in the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of air, water and soil which influence human life, lives of other useful alive plants and animals, industrial progress, alive conditions and florescent property Water is the most necessary & major necessaries of life. One can rarely survive without water also for a few days. At that 2/3 of the world’s float up region is enclosed by water but yet we are blank. An incubation study was conducted to know the toxicity level of Fipronil in soil fauna by using earthworm species Eisenia fetida as a biomarker. The earthworm were incubated in the spiked soil, with concentration of 0.5 ppm, 0.6 ppm, 0.7 ppm,0.8 ppm, 0.9 ppm for a period of 24hours and 48 hours. From the study, 50% mortality was observed in 0.5 ppm. The LC50 concentration was calculated from that it was clear that Cypermethrin is toxic to earthworm.


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P. Patel and R. Prajapati, “Possible Toxicological Effect of Pesticides, Cypermethrin on Earthworm (Esiania fetida)”, IJRESM, vol. 3, no. 12, pp. 138–143, Dec. 2020.