Career Development Program for Junior High School English Teachers


  • Blademer Manalo Teacher III, Department of Education, Coral na Munti NHS, Batangas, Philippines
  • Larry Ojales Master Teacher, Department of Education, Taal Senior High School, Batangas, Philippin



Career development, Community engagement, Organizational growth, Responsiveness


Despite the existence of some policies to promote career growth, still the fact remains that many teachers face problems about this matter. This study aimed in proposing a career development program by describing the profile of junior high school English teachers and showing its association to the extent of their commitment and responsiveness to instruction, research and community service. Moreover, it also identifies both issues related to career development. In order to attain the objectives, this research endeavour utilized descriptive method of research using questionnaire as data gathering instrument. Findings showed that teachers responded to the call of continuing professional development by earning post graduate degrees but had few related trainings and limited memberships. In addition, they showed commitment and responsiveness only on a moderate extent with regards to research and community service. The data further proved that instruction depends on training and development while research depends on membership to professional organization. It also stressed the findings that an organized and well-planned career development contributes to individual and organizational growth. However, issues and challenges may occur in the workplace if the administration fails to prioritize this. There is also a need for more training and memberships in various organizations and often participation in professional development activities is also recommended.


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B. Manalo and L. Ojales, “Career Development Program for Junior High School English Teachers”, IJRESM, vol. 3, no. 9, pp. 8–12, Sep. 2020, doi: 10.47607/ijresm.2020.274.